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Video – Gone

Really excited to release my new video. This is pretty much my 4 chords song. I started to work on it in 2016, a peculiar and quite disturbing “transition” year. I had to experience the loss of almost everything that coloured my everyday life: partner, friends who passed away, jobs, band, my universe seemed to crumble down (I mean, we even lost Bowie and Prince that same year). Consecutively, a lot of new experiences and encounters did happen, as if called by the void let open. So this piece is rather about resilience and giving in. I realised that it’s almost impossible to take a new start, fully enjoy changes and new perspectives if not accepting that these lost things as I knew them are, well, gone. Yet they’re still parts of who I am. Ironically enough, this song has been completed a couple of months before 2020…

Updated: 19.05.2023